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Vitaal Telen - Vitally Grown Lab.
Read the experiences of some vital grocers

Vitally Grown Lab.

In our Lab. we are able to research your irrigation water and perform a microscopic research to find out the vitality of the water that you use.

Vital water is an essential part of a vital watermanagement. After research you have the information you need about the watermanagement of your compagny.That way you will create a solid base for alert developing.

Following the instruction on the checklist before sending your watersample.

Print Checklist..

1 Sample              € 47,50

2 Samples          € 75,- (drain-, dropswater or water of your choice)

*Price excl. shipment/tax

If you are interested, Vitally Grown will gladly take you to a vital nursery garden in The Netherlands.