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Vitaal Telen - Experiences


"Since 2008, I use vital water in my paprika nursery garden. Using vital water has resulted in an optimal development of the roots and a better quality of the paprikas. They have a better glow, a better taste and fewer abnormalities."

Marco Hanemaaijer (paprika nursery)


"In 2007, a vitaliser was installed in our grape-house. Nothing has been the same ever since. We feel it when we walk between the vines. We taste it when we eat the grapes."

Arnold en Hilde Jansen (Grape-house Nieuw Tuinzigt)


Since we, at Royal Pride Holland, are working with vitalisers, we definitely see more oxygen in the water and in the substrates growing mats. This will result in stronger development of the root system and therefore better growth.

Frank van Kleef, Royal Pride Holland (movie)


Some of our users:

  • Beekenkamp Plants
  • Gebr. E. & W. Valstar, Hooflaan 8, De Lier (Groene paprika)
  • Vitafleur BV in Venlo¬†(Vitafleur.nl)
  • Korte Hei BV in Maasbree (Enervito)
  • Bostiflor Roses, Herenwerf 5, Maasland
  • OK Plant, 's Gravenzande
  • Van der Sande Vital Gerbera Nieuwkoopseweg 13 Nootdorp
  • Stolk Flora, Bleiswijk (Stolkflora.nl)